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"Blue Ghost Memoirs"



(USS Lexington 1943 -1945)  --  his life aboard the USS Lexington aircraft carrier.

By Otto Romanelli, (Lt. Com. Ret.)

Published by Turner Publishing. ISBN: 156311848-3

Price:  $19.95  Hardbound,  94 pages with photos.

"Mission Beyond Darkness"

By LTCR J. Bryan and Philip Reed (1945)

is now published as a 74 page paperback edition complete with twelve WWII Lex photos and two battle charts.  It was published in it's entirety in 1995 and printed exactly as the original.
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USS Lexington (CV-16)

This book describes the fourth (CV-2) and fifth (CV-16) U.S. Navy ships to bear the name Lexington. With the CV-2 only serving a short time in WWII, this book looks at the exploits of the CV-16 and the men who brought such great distinction to the ship named Lexington. Features the history of the USS Lexington, photographs and special stories.

104 pages
9" x 12" hardbound
ISBN 1-56311-415-1






Bert Kinzey

 Tab Books Inc.

This is an excellent picture story of the life of the Lexington in B&W and color, and the story of its role in WWII.  Its photographs include aerial views, deck operations and details of the many configurations in her life to repair war damage and to accommodate  jet and training operations. The book is in magazine soft cover format with the last 10 of its 72 pages devoted to modeling. The Lex WWII history, pages 9 thru 22, is enhanced with many pictures.  Aerial and deck views show the original and yard repairs and modifications following the torpedo and kamikaze hits. Pages 23-32 describe and picture the upgrades to the Lex and other carriers to accommodate the jet age.  Pages 33 thru 40 are color pics of post WWII jet , helicopter and deck operations.  Pages 42 thru 62 show deck details of the catapults and arresting gear, the LSO station details, elevators fantail, superstructure, bridge, pri-fly, hangar deck views and many below deck spaces. Contents include some technical tables listing the roles of the 26 ESSEX class carriers in WWII,  the Korean War and the  Vietnam war, and their final roles thru decommissioning. A picture of one of the 3 memorial plaques aboard the Lex today,  names the 240 men lost from ship's company and the air groups, 16,19,20,9,and 94 in WWII. 

The Blue Ghost

The Blue Ghost

Containing more than 100 color and black and white photographs, The Blue Ghost is the story of one of the most decorated aircraft carriers in U.S. Navy history the USS Lexington (CV-16). Dubbed the "Blue Ghost" after reportedly being sunk several times by the infamous "Tokyo Rose, the Lady Lex destroyed or severely damaged over 900,000 tons of enemy shipping and destroyed more than 1,000 enemy aircraft during World War II.

On December 20, 1962, the USS Lexington sailed into Pensacola, Florida--The Cradle of Naval Aviation-- for duty as a Navy training carrier. During her nearly 50 years of active service, Lexington recorded more arrested landings than any carrier in naval history.

The Blue Ghost is a fascinating account of a remarkable aircraft carrier which won the hearts and admiration of the countless men and women she affected throughout her active life. Lexington was decommissioned at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida, in November 1992. Today the Blue Ghost continues to serve the nation as a floating Naval Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas. (ISBN 1-891118-34-X, first printing by Pensacola Engraving Company, 1991. Second printing by Windcanyon Books, Inc., Niceville, FL 2000)

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By Steve Ewing Pictorial History Pub C.

713 South Third West Missoula, Mt 59801

Was $5.95

You can find this book in a good hobby shop

Essex class Carriers 

Andrew Faltum Nautical & Aviation Pub. Co.

The Blue Ghost Lexington 

Museum Lex Volunteers

The Blue Ghost Pensacola Engraving Co. Pensacola Engraving Co.


Edward Steichen

Reprinted by Lee Reese


Bert Kinsey Tab Books Inc, This book can be found at a good hobby shop

Airlife Publishing Co.

Blue Ridge Summit, Pa Ph 1-800233-1128


Hugh Power

Texas A&M University Press

Can be ordered from the Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi TX

P.O. Box 23076

Corpus Christi, Tx. 78403-3076


Turner Pub. Co.

P.O. Box 3101

Paducah, Ky 42002-3101

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Wind Canyon Books

P.O. Box 511

Branley, Ca 922227

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