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Dear Sirs' My name is Donald Cirasuolo, the son of Pasquale "Pat" Cirasuolo, BM2c, who was aboard the "LEX" from 1943 to 16 Feb,1944, when he got off to go to the hospital in Glenwood Springs,CO. My father was the eldest of 7 children. He had a successful Landscaping business and was a legislator for Oneida County for two terms from 1967 to 1971.He was also involved with the V.F.W in Whitesboro,NY for many years and his recollection and pride of serving on the Lexington was evident through out his life. My dad passed away on 24 Apr,1993 from complications from lung cancer.


He had always wanted to see his ship one more time and we had planned to see her but he was to sick to make the trip. My father met my mother when he was in Boston and was getting ready to ship out. They had three children, Dorothy Ann, myself and Patricia Elaine. My mother is still alive and is living in Clinton,NY, and has given me most all the pictures of my father and his buddies from the war. I had recently found the book,"Tarawa to Tokyo" and was pleased to see my fathers picture in it. I know my father was proud of his ship and his time in the U.S.Navy and talked only once or twice about what it was like on board. At his passing I composed a little poem to him and would like to have you post it and dedicate this to all the crews of the LEX, as read to them by their children.I read it to him a day before he passed and he smiled.


Go home sailor...

Your voyage is complete and you have done well!

Stand tall and proud as never before,

For you are my Hero.

Your Mates beckon, Dad...They call you, 

They miss you and are waiting, smiling...

Go to them Dad

I will miss you, as

I will treasure our times together

with memories filled with your love.

Have a safe voyage! 

I will look for you on my return.


Donald Cirasuolo,  Author



I am presently retired and make model ships as a hobby and plan to do "CV 16" as she looked when she left Boston Navy yard in 1943.I wish I had known about this website, I would have given information about my Dad earlier.



Don Cirasuolo




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